Let us show you how Reiki and Tonic Herbalism can help you.

  • My girlfriend got me a session for a graduation gift. I thought it would be a waste but honestly, I felt great afterwards and a nagging pain in my left shoulder went away. He never tried to sell me on more sessions which is cool.

    Mark M.
    18 Sptember 2021
  • I had a hard time finding someone in the St. Louis area that was certified through the International Center for Reiki Training, then found Affinity Reiki. I recently moved here from California and have come to rely on a Reiki person who is affiliated with them. I was not disappointed! I will definitely be back.

    Dawn A.
    4 Ocotober 2021
  • I came to Rick because he was offering a Reiki 1 workshop. I didn’t know what to really expect but his professionalism and sense of humor made me feel welcome and comfortable and I enjoyed the class. He is always available to answer any questions. I plan on doing the Reiki II class next year.

    26 September 2018
  • I heard about Rick from a friend. The first I noticed when we spoke was his genuine concern and compassion.

    I called Rick to see if he would consider stopping by the house since R was too weak to leave. Rick came by the next 2 evenings and did about 45 minutes of reiki each time. After Rick left R asked for some soup which was great to hear. The second night R was alert and seemed to really enjoy the Reiki he was receiving. I believe that the Reiki aided R’s recovery and helped him regain his strength quicker.

    Jamie B.
    30 October 2019
  • Just wanted to send a quick “thank you Rick!”. You totally put me at ease especially since this was my first type of energy healing. A lot of emotions came to the surface and for me that is what I need to begin to heal.

    12 July 2019
  • I could not be more pleased with the reiki treatments I received from Rick. I get frequent headaches and neck/shoulder pain from stress, and I received significant relief. Rick is professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

    Liz B.
    19 November 2019
How Reiki and Tonic Herbalism can help.

Reiki is a gentle, therapeutic technique that relieves stress, promotes balance and harmony, and supports your own healing process. This ancient and sacred healing art creates a deeply meditative and restorative experience for body, mind, and spirit.

A non-invasive treatment, Reiki is done fully clothed and is appropriate for conditions ranging from fatigue, allergies, anxiety, headaches to sore muscles and joints.

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